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"Goodness, here we are after this alluring walk through everything from the perils of our world to the tastefully displayed forms of women and men. I can't tell you how excited I get every time someone new comes along. I'm Candice! Oh? You knew that? Well darn it! I was going to wiggle and giggle for you and here you know my name already!

On with our review! I have to work hard you know, not that I feel this is all that... hard. Oh! You have something hard for me? Why thank you! Wait Oh dear! You naughty naughty thing you! We'll talk... later, yes.

Here in the site that we adoringly call The Tight Package, you'll be treated to a plethora of dinner dates! I mean, dates on dinner? I think that's what I mean. Go on, you can prod it a little. It might writhe a bit but don't worry, we aim to serve! And serve is what you'll get here. From the erotic displays to the dishy needs of our customers. Don't forget to peek even further into Present Time! I love presents! Oh for me? Mr. Stormbringer! You shouldn't have. No really... you shouldn't have. Oh dear! Also don't forget to see Ariel Black Boxed and of course her full course meal! Oh dear, I've got to go but this place is wonderfully arrayed with an eye fetching view of beauties just waiting for you to take a bite!

Wait wait! One more thing? Skye Lee is definitely what I would call a 'must have' so go ahead, delve into the platter displays and the delicious undertaking of PD's The Tight Packages! You'll be thrilled. I know I am!"

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The Erotic Art of PD's The Tight Package

Welcome to the world of The Tight Package home of the erotic arts.

Here at the Tight Package you will find Varying representations where the Erotic comes face to face with Fetish to create something unique and tasteful. Over time individual portfolio's will be added following various themes such as Enterology, Presentation style Gallery's and soft Bondage. Look around to see what we currently have to offer, perhaps you will find just the thing to suit your own Tastes.

NEW!! All of the following sets are now available by joining Three Moons Art, where you will also find PD's Carnivore Cafe as well as the thousands of other artworks created by different artists. Enjoy!

Ariel Black Movie Preview